Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I fear this enigmatic balm.  It’s still to reveal its secrets to me.2016-02-01 14.14.41But I was determined to try it though because Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo love it.

Hong Kong can be frustratingly 3rd world in beauty and makeup and for some reason doesn’t even stock the Beauty Flash Balm, so I bought mine from Singapore Duty Free ( oh how I love thee Singapore)

I like Clarins fragrance, so thats great. The texture is like a thick lotion, but non-greasy. Rather silicone-y.

I have a small face, no different to the 100s of Asian girls here in HK, so that little bit is ALL you need.

Do not massage this in like moisturiser.

Sweep-smooth it on the skin, like you would a primer. The Clarins website says ‘warm product’ and then sweep it across. I ‘warm’ it between my fingers as opposed to my palms. Less wasteful for a pretty expensive product.

Once applied I rub my palms together and press into my face just for the product to further sink in.

Now what does it do ? Still trying to figure it out.

It feels hydrating. It adds a slight luminosity to the face. Not ‘brightening’ as that in Hong Kong can mean white 🙂 Rather your skin looks fresh!

I like the subtle luminosity and thus can be worn by itself.

It WILL ball up if you rub anything over it. So if you are putting on a foundation, firstly wait for around 5-7 mins. Then dab makeup over it. Like with a beauty blender.

I usually apply liquids with my fingers but not when I have this on.

Anything more I can’t vouch for.

Would I re-purchase. No

And trust me I would re-purchase lots of Clarins just not this one.