Body Shop Targeted Hand Oil

I would address this product more as ‘Targeted Nail Oil’

I suffer from dry hands (who doesn’t?) But hand creams, while I do use them, are so annoying. Oh My God that stickiness! Greasy fingerprints on your iPad and phone, ugh.

Also I am a ‘once a year’ Mani-Pedi person.  That means often the skin around my nails feel dry. Especially when the dreaded WHITE-DRY skin around the toe nails start to show.

Creams don’t get rid of the ‘white’ but this nifty oil does.

This from the Body Shop is a repeat purchase. 2016-02-01 12.18.29There are very very few things I re-purchase from the Body Shop, as they are often disappointing, but not this one.2016-02-01 12.17.34The rose fragrance is a bit ‘oily’ for me, however it works like a dream.

I roll-it around my nails, hands and toes and everything gets beautifully hydrated and soft.

I sometimes just let it sit, while I do other stuff and then you rub it in. It’s surprisingly non-greasy.

For my toes specially, I can almost instantly wear the summer sandals and not be embarrassed.

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