Blackheads Out- Aspirin Mask?

DISCLAIMER: Do not follow this. Your skin could react to the Origins+ Asprin combo

The good ole Biore strips from Watsons HK, are fab but it’s fiddly. And like me if you I get the “wet/slightly damp nose” ratio wrong and it just becomes a waste of time and strips.

Also all the rrriping can cause broken capillaries – yes those red lines on your nose, so I am wary of ripping.

But we know BHA/Salicyclic acid is best for taking out those blackies (excellent Wayne Goss Blackheads video )

I am no fan of DIY , but Paula’s Choice is such a nightmare to get in Hong Kong that I have no choice but to improvise.

Enter Aspirin from your (un)friendly chemist.


Bash 2 pills really really well – I am still trying to perfect it to a more powdery, less grainy consistency. Below its grainy. grr

I needed a binder so I mixed in Origins Clear Improvement and plastered it all over my forehead(textured skin), cheeks (large pores) chin (clogged skin) and nose (blackheads)




Once dry, wipe off with a hot washcloth.

Then rinse well.

Worked well to clean out the pores on my nose but those damned heads were back again.

But like all masks, it needs continuous use to really make its mark.