Garnier Micellar Water

Dont buy it. Your welcome!2015-06-27 10.25.43

I dont buy anything without extensive research and uming and ahhing because I am that person.

Makeup Alley, Allure, Pinterest (yes that authentic source, haha), everyone, everywhere was raving about how good a dupe this is to the Bioderma. It isn’t and I shouldn’t have believed them.

I don’t use foundation, wear waterproof makeup and never touch my makeup up after a 9 hour day and yet this is not as effective as I would like it be.

I double cleanse: A balm to take makeup off and then a cleanser for the face, however I use micellar water first to remove eye-makeup and lipstick.

Lips – great !

Eyes- not so good. It basically does not remove as clean as I would like it to. I have to go back multiple times to remove piddly eyeshadow and pencil.

Who’s got time for that ?

Once this is done I am going back to my Body Shop Chamomile eye makeup remover

Honestly warm water with a flannel is as good as this Micellar water to remove the top layer/pigment of makeup- and then you go in for a DOUBLE CLEANSE.