Boots Mini Brush Set

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A vinyl pouch, some poke-y brushes and a sponge applicator.  It screams “DO NOT BUY , buy the Real Techniques Mini brush set instead”.

I bought the Boots one and boy am I a happy bunny!!!

Overall the brushes have the right amount of stiffness which is always good for eye (liner) brushes.

The Powder brush is hard and while it was a perfect size and stiffness for me to use for my cream blushes / lipsticks as cream blush, I gave it away.

It was too hard for my maturing skin and ‘she’ needs all the TLC she can get.

The Star of this set for me is the Angled Liner brush. I have bought many (cheap) ones and then I have the two Liner brushes from Bobbi Brown’s Gel liner sets. And they are/were all to thick.


But this Boot mini Angled liner won my heart.  It is SKINNY, stiff and nestles right into your lashline to give you the thinnest liner.


The Sponge Applicator is not bad, but I am not a sponge person for my eye shadows so I gave that away and while the Liner brush is also great good- stiff and thin, but I have the E.L.F Angled liner so gave the Liner brush away too.

The retained the concealer brush though, but use it to prise eye creams out of jars to prevent cream from getting under my nails. Hate that !