My Shu (Uemura)

I really didn’t realise how good Shu products were till I re-discovered my Shu flat eye shadow brush. This brush is 10 years old. For years it has been badly handled, neglected, dumped into bags, got caught in zipper teeth and been un- washed and it still hasn’t lost its lustre or even frayed. Its as good as ever.

It applies both cream and powder beautifully and the domed edge is great for going right up to the crease. And it doesn’t shed.

It was this brush that made me think ‘damn the Japanese are truly awesome’. Ofcourse I now treat it with the respect a Shu deserves.

For performance and longevity this brush might be the ONLY one to be en-shrined when I build a Brush Shrine!

It was around the same time I bought the Pink eye shadow (now depotted ). It hasn’t crumbled, lost its texture or colour. I still use it as a base colour on my lids. Those gouges are just from me when depotting,

It was the performance of these two, long neglected, ignored products that made me think about Shu. And I have been looking for another opportunity to invest in more Shu.

In HK, especially with Japanese and Korean brands, its more difficult to buy makeup as they dont cater to my NC40, Indian skintone. Which is why I didn’t rush out to buy a Shu foundation, CC cream or a BB cream.

With the passing of the years my skin needs more TLC and thought of a cleansing oil just sounds divine. Which is why I decided the only cleansing oil I wanted was a Shu.

I bought the Anti/Oxi Skin Refining one with anti-aging green tea 🙂

Yes I know there are dupes and cheaper alternatives available, and the Paula Begoun website has given it a poor review but I still wanted a Shu.  And with every wash I am glad I invested in this oil and it doesn’t leave a residue. I like it better than my Clinique Take the Day off Balm

And as I was at the counter paying for the oil, I thought to myself ‘enough thinking just buy the Shu Uemura Caligraphy Pen already’ and I did. (Review Coming)

I received samples of the Laque Supreme lip colour and a sachet High Performance Balancing cleansing oil.

The Laque Supreme feels like the YSL Glossy Stain. It applies very easily and has that same cooling sensation on the lips like the Glossy Stain and the same gloss/shine. It doesn’t feel drying and is more opaque than the Glossy Stain. But please do EXFOLIATE your lips first. It really doesn’t like flaky lips.

The Balancing oil is in this terrible illegible sachet (White on Yellow ?). Ofcourse the oil is great but what is better is I even ‘oiled’ my eyes to remove my mascara. And it didn’t burn or anything.

Watch out for the Caligraphy Pen review !