Face Masks

wpid-20150610_180010.jpgYes I bombed Osama! With the Origins Clear Improvement face mask on. Active charcoal to clean pores. Some people swear by it I am still a bit confused.

The basic understanding is if you get break-outs and bumps after this mask it means its taking out impurities. Not true I fear. It could just be reacting.

The reaction is not huge sometimes its a small bump, sometimes a noticeable red blemish that hurts. It could be that it is a charcoal mask that could be too drying for my skin ? I have dry- normal skin. Anyway I dont feel WOW after I have used it.

imagePeople have also commented it helps with their blackheads but I dont notice that.

Soap and Glory’s Scrub your Nose in it is better for me. I use it on my chin (no blackheads) and nose (where I do get black heads). Leave on for 2 mins and rinse off.


Something is doing its job because I haven’t used a Biore Nose strip in ages.

But then I also use a combination of Origins, Scrub your Nose and exfoliKate on my nose.

Here I have used the Origins on a small bump and a more painful red blemish to see if the hype is true. And Scrub your Nose in it on Nose and Chin.

As soon as I wiped these off I put on the Nuxe Clarifying Mask

Nuxe Clarifying Cream Mask

See I avoided the mask on my red blemish ? It dries after 6 mins and rinse off after 10.

This is an Indian Ayurvedic brand called Biotique. Some people swear by it. But I am meh!

2015-05-23 23.38.39This one is the Ageless Firming mud mask. I dont even know why I bought it.

Just because it has Fuller’s Earth (multani mitti) so I use. It feels lovely on the skin and doesn’t dry to that hard uncomfortable feeling so its all good. And Fuller’s earth is beneficial so all in all might be a waste of time, but not collassal! Wont re-purchase.

And then I made my OWN. Turmeric powder, ground fresh coffee beans and honey.


I think face masks need time and regular use to prove themselves.

I am least impressed with the Origins. And in my quest for an amazing face mask, I will probably save up for the Glam Glow, Omorvicza and Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay Mask.

Maybe those will be the answer to a truly WOW face. Where I shine with inner light and stop traffic!