Wallowing in Face Masks and Cleansers


Monday this week, I had to put my cat of 16 years, Noor, to sleep.


Hubby is travelling and I am alone. The working week is ok and I rush home to be with my other cat who must be wondering where his friend has gone.

Anyway Friday crept up and I didn’t feel like going for after work drinks, cancelled at the last minute and wanted to go home and cuddle my other cat, Zeb. A colleague warned me, “dont wallow” she warned. I promised I wouldn’t.

Zeb + Noor
Zeb + Noor

And then I got restless and decided on retail therapy, what else ?

I headed out to buy the HKD 89 Body Shop Anti-Cellulite brush. On my way there I stopped at Sasa, Causeway Bay.

I had seen they had the Peter Thomas Roth face masks and I needed some face masks. The cucumber got some good reviews so I bought it. Its expensive but if it works I don’t mind pitching in the cash.

I am looking for the Holy Grail of face masks, one that Hydrates, Deep Cleans, Revitalises and Brightens. But that doesn’t exist. So I need to get separates.

I also saw Ruby Hammer on Youtube who is 53, looks 35 and said she uses a face mask everyday. I thought ‘great, that’s me then!’

Sasa also ‘sells’ samples, I think its legit in HK because the packs do say ‘Not for Sale’, but they sell it openly and Sasa is a HK Stock Exchange listed company.

But I love this because you get to sample brands. So I picked up 2 sample sizes. The Clarins Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask and the Nuxe Clarifying Cream Mask Rose.

I already have the Origins Clear Improvement (ho hum, not re-purchasing) and Soap and Glory’s Scrub your Nose in it (fab love it for my nose/blackheads).

I also want to sample some cleansers so I bought a SKII, Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean (too drying. Ofcourse it would- it foams! Dont like it) and a Nuxe Gel cleanser.

And, dont judge me, Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control.

I then I went off to Lane Crawford Times Square Causeway Bay to look for the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. I have never owned one and wanted to. I know there are many others, cheaper, in the market but Mr. Uemura is the master so I wanted his.

I used it last night and love it.

Cleansing Oils and Balms feel so damned fantastic as you massage off your makeup. I really love that feeling. And a tiny amount of the oil is enough.

I then used a cleanser. I always double cleanse!

I applied the Peter Thomas Roth’s Cucumber Mask last night and keep it  in the fridge as some people have recommended. Supposed to work effectively to de-puff eyes.

Its a clear gel and it doesn’t harden or dry.

Today I put the Nuxe Clarifying Cream Mask. It does dry after 6 mins, rinse off after 10.

Secret to anti aging and youth is lifestyle along with beauty products. And after spending copious amounts of cash on the outside I should focus on the inside.

My wallet has done her bit, I now need to do mine (eyeing gym guilty-ly wishing I hadn’t eaten those 2 Chocolate Digestives)

In the middle of all this cleansers and masks, I crumbled and bought the Shu Uemura Caligraphy Pen. THIS DESERVES A SEPARATE REVIEW. ‘TIS COMING. <heart heart heart>