All My Reds

It’s only recently I got into Red lipstick territory.  For me this is a result of my age. Age is a wonderful thing. The power and confidence it gives me is astounding (and probably annoying for most)


This means that today I take more risks with colours and less bothered with what ‘people will think’. Colours that drew attention to me, were never even considered. Black, neutrals, browns, plums or peaches were what I chose, until around 2013 when I decided enough is enough, no more being invisible.

I went RED.


Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang was my first RED.  A satiny, glossy Blood Red.

I looked great and felt great. And the Red bug bit me hard.

Bangkok Airport: Loreal’s True Red was my second. A quick buy before taking our connecting flight to Calcutta

This is where I discovered Red has more than one shade. This is a glossy one with a strong Orange undertone.

Inflight dutyfree: Decided to try Lancome and bought a palette and in there sat a small pot of Rouge Mythique 151. I fucking LOVE this colour.

Rich Deep Red. Satin that seems to settle into a comfortable soft matte. Tiny tiny glitter specks gives it a glossy look. I want to OWN this colour but alas its been DISCONTINUED!

I have even wrote to Lisa Eldridge asking if Lancome currently has a dupe for this. Hoping for an answer.

And over time I amassed all the Reds I feel comfortable with.

I have never bought MAC’s Ruby Woo because its horrifically dry on my lips and the colour I prefer is Russian Red.

But I was undecided. Iconic colour (Ruby Woo) over comfort (Russian Red). In the middle of this mulling I got fed up with my indecision and bought MAC’s Salon Rouge as therapy.

But the voices in my head continued. R or R it asked.

In the middle of this internal debate along came Loreal with their Pure Reds. I mostly ignored it till someone said Pure Rouge was a Russian Red dupe. (and it was Frieda Pinto’s Red. ie suits Indian skintone)

And only 98$ HK ? A steal !

So off I went to swatch it. I swatched them all. OMG. The angel’s appeared with harps.

They apply beautifully almost MAC like. Opaque and a comfortable matte.

And the shades of Red ? They are fucking Stand Out Shout Out Red.

I feel like Dita Von Teese. This is real RED for me. I would advise one and all, run to your nearest WATSON’s (not Sasa, not Mannings) and get atleast two !

I bought 2 ofcourse. This one is Pure Vermeil. Coral undertone.

Blake’s Scarletto seemed to have an orange-y undertone to me and Pure Ruby wasn’t as LOUD as Rouge was to me.

I like Loud and dont like Orange. So walked out of Watsons happy that I am not bothered by MAC anymore and had the two shades that were best suited to me!

Will I buy more Reds ? not sure. Currently the shades I own ( except Rouge Mythique) seem to fill my Red-Shade gap.


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