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Take me out of India but can never take the Indian out of me.

Proud to be that, but mostly proud that amidst the MACs, Bobbi Browns, Tartes, ELFs, NYXs, Maybellines, Rimmels and everything in-between there are times I still reach for my LAKME makeup.

‘21 years out of India’ later.

LAKME Cosmetics ,India’s homegrown cosmetics giant. (a part of the TATA Group)

There are people who swear by Chambor but I was never attracted to their overpriced line and also in the 80s Lakme was more readily available than Chambor. Every neighbourhood grocery and drug store stored their skin-care and cosmetics line.

My go to liquid eyeliner for the past 20 years has been the Lakme Liquid Liner in Black. It was only around 4 years ago that they disappointed me with their ultra thin liner brush.

It’s a bit long and flimsy and ‘wags’ all over the place giving you blotches and dots across the eyelids. I didn’t ditch it.  I use my Real Techniques Liner or ELF angled liner brush to apply it. So strong is my love for it.

Anyway for the past few years its been impossible to find Lakme, or rather their extended range, amidst all the MACS, Revlon (this brand is almost as Indian as Honda- every Indian seems to own one!) Maybellines etc. that flood the make-up counters in the Bombay Malls.

And for this reason alone my Lakme collection didn’t get updated beyond that Liquid Liner, till a little birdie told me about Amarson’s (Breach Candy) storing their range.

I was in Bombay for a wedding and inspite of the dream-like wedding, the amazing food and bollywood reception, I was pre-occupied.

Mental tap tap tap as to when I could get to Amarsons and get my hands on Lakme.

And finally I did !

Amarsons, 21 years later you are still the same. You are even laid out the as I remember, with the glittering costume jewellery centre island. And you are still manned by the same grumpy men dressed in white.

Amarsons where aged 12, I bought my first EVER crossbody-clear-plastic pouch. It had a Japanese anime character on it and my first ever makeup item – a Mint Green lip gloss.

And here I was in Swatch heaven.  Swatching Lakme lippies and eye pencils.

Swatching process: 3 hours, Items purchased:9. Items out of stock: 2- Wine & Bronze Eyeconic No Smudge Eye Pencil.

(reviews to come !)

Husband didn’t run out of patience because I cunningly combined the nostalgic “makeup-gloss” story as I swatched.


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  1. 3 hours! Really? You’re incredible. I love your passion but I know exactly how you feel. So glad you had a good time. Let me know when you run out of stock and I can send a fresh batch from here.

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