Big Hair Fail!

Oh how I hate thee let me count the ways.
I have thick curly/wavy hair and volume has never been a problem, but with straightening my hair (Keratin or Kerasilk) I lose some of that volume and sometimes I like to have that Kim Kardashian ponytail bump look.

I still haven’t found an effective ‘bump it’ insert at Sasa (Hong Kong’s version of Sephora) and I do enough damage to my hair with colouring and heat styling so back combing is out of the question for me.

I was looking for something that would give the lift. Basically a lift in a bottle!

After Tati (GlamLife Guru) talked about the Big Sexy Hair What a Tease spray that gives you volume without teasing I started to look for an alternative closer to home (Hong Kong). Hubby was also travelling to the UK so started to scope out Boots too.
And found this one. Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle

Its a hair spray.

End of post.
(but I need to vent…so I continue)
It says spray and “jujjj” it up. I jujjed, I velcro-roller rolled, I sprayed with head upside down, I blow dried. Nothing.

I know about advertising and marketing but I also use and review enough products to know that a lot of products do deliver the most basic of their claims.
The basic product function.

This doesn’t even do that.
Waste of shelf space.