When Good Makes Make Bad Makeup


Makeup is personal and dependant on a million things. Skin type, skin tone, your body temperature, the way you use it or even a secret tip that someone shared.

Also with HongKong’s no return policy I try and use a product to death before I give up. And then there comes a time when I have to have that ‘talk’. Its You not Me.

I have to end that relationship and part ways.
These 3 will never dip into my wallet or darken my vanity again.
1. I will never buy Clinique’s Pore Refining. Benefit’s Porefessional is hands down the best one to camouflage your pores.

2. In the lip gloss category, its not news that I am on an eternal quest for good pigmentation, reasonable lasting power and non gloop. Benefit’s Coralista is…….hello what do you do ??
It the gloss of old days ? Remember when all you got was minimal durability with high shine ?
Reminds of my school allowance lip gloss purchases.
Buy a nice lip balm from Maybelline or Revlon’s Kissable balm Stains and call it a day. Or go the YSL or Dior route.

3. Rimmel Scandalous Eyes Waterproof. Nay Nay a 100 times Nay. (If anyone out there has had a better experience please write to me) It’s definitely waterproof and lasts and lasts.
I have notoriously oily lids and racoon eyes and I are old friends and this one didn’t budge. But it’s just so hard to apply.
It’s hard, it drags, it sticks to the lower lashes and as you draw your line it clumps your lower lashes, so you look like you have eye gunk on your lower lashes. Not a good look.
Revlon Colour Stay eyeliner pencil. Good enough for me.

NB: Look Bobbi Browns Gel Liner is awesome and rocks and does what I wanted the above to do…but that damn product keeps drying on me! Its too expensive to keep buying and throwing. Also a pencil is easier than ‘open pot, dip brush, drag brush on lower lid, screw pot on tight and store upside down’.

Make up should be fun not a lab project everytime.

So 1, 2, 3 – in the bin you go.

Frizz v/s Frizz


I got Frizz!
I got fly-aways.
It took me a while to recognise it.

Sometime in my life I went from healthy shiny hair to colour treated- hot ironed frizzy hair.

I am also a long time non conditioner person. By long time I mean definitely 30+ years of my life.

When I was growing up in India we had a set routine of wash your hair only once a week with shampoo ( just water on the other days) and oil your hair overnight before the shampoo.
I had heard that conditioner just attracts more dust and makes your hair greasy quicker so skipped that step entirely.
And coconut oil is the best conditioner isnt it ?

But now that I am so heavily into Keratin/Kerasilk and colour treatments I need to not only condition but also need serious frizz fighting.

Out of all the serums and sprays out there the four featured here are those that I am currently using.

However I am planning to bin the Lee Stafford spray- serum thingy. It makes my hair greasy and does nothing for the frizz. I do like some Lee Stafford products like the Wonder Web (It’s one of the best mousse-clay texturiser I have tried) but this one is just not working for me. I tried for a year but I have run out of patience.
Bye bye Lee Stafford hair Dehumdifier!


The Loreal serum is the one I like the best. It really makes my hair so soft smooth and is NON greasy. But the hair shafts still look a bit frazzled so I top it off with a little bit of the Parachute Jasmine Coconut oil (it can make your hair “oily” so use only a drop on the flyaways and ends)

This Jasmine oil is very light as opposed to the heavy duty Parachute Coconut Oil. Its a bit like Keo Karpin hairoil, if I remember correctly.

The last one is the Batiste Dry Conditioning Mist/
It got rave reviews, but I still trying to workout why.
For my hair the Loreal wins hands down. I usually apply it at night and sleep on it and the hair just feels more manageable the next day.


Do any of them get rid of that squiggly hair shaft look ? No. That only happens when I get a professional blow dry!