My First Face Palette – YSL (or My Most Precious Palette )

This is my first ever makeup palette.

It’s travelled with me through 2 countries, 10 homes and 25 years.

My father bought this for me and I have never been able to dispose of this. I couldn’t when I left home and now I can’t because he has passed on.
It’s mostly un-used. Atleast I never wore these colours in public. Played with them behind a closed bedroom door.

The colours are very 2014, coral, vibrant pink, gold and emerald green, but at that time I baulked. Being Indian, a NC40 skin tone, I would only ever venture into browns or dark pinks. Colours that would disappear with my skintone.

this image does not belong to me. please visit captioned website for more information
this image does not belong to me. please visit captioned website for more information

Safe, subtle colours that didn’t scream look at me . The prevalent notion being ‘you wear colours only if you are fair. (fair like Western people)’. I dont think even the red and pink pictured here was considered suitable for our skintones those days.

Heavy kohl lined eyes, yes. With a maroon (burgundy wine) nail polish, a similar colour lipstick and an almost invisible blush to complete the look. The most daring embellishment would be a bindi- if we wearing dressing traditional


Please dont mistake this as a societal comment about loud, un-blended or un-suitable makeup. It was purely a notion about colour.

Weird considering our sarees and fabrics scream colour!  Or maybe…’tis the very the reason ?

Anyway I was too scared to attract ridicule or comment if I ventured to wear any of those colours, so I never did.

So this palette lay un-used and untouched.


But I don’t think I will ever dispose of it.

In his 56 years, 32 of which he was my father, he gave me many gifts. Chocolates, clothes, access to use his wallet as my personal ATM, humour, generosity of spirit, unconditional love, laughter and cuddles.  Gifts I have consumed, remember and miss.

But this makeup palette is that one physical symbol of him that I have.

This is not a review of a 25 year old YSL palette, though it is my pride and joy.

Its broken and the colours have faded but I will be holding on to this for a long long time.


  1. OMG!!!!!!! this is a GEM!!!!!!!! Remember it soooo well. Had no idea that you had held onto it all these years……amazing!

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