Loreal Lipstick

I didn’t need more lipsticks. I really didn’t. I am not even a lipstick person, just like I am not a necklace person. But here I am owning a few. Few that I can’t be bothered to wear.


I am a gloss person and currently am on a long wear gloss/lip laquer quest, hence my recent (very satisfied) Rimmel Apocalips purchase.

But my recent layover at Bangkok airport brought me face to face with this special priced Lipstick offer. I am not a lipstick person so why would this thrill me ?


Because an airport with it’s duty free has a hypnotic effect on me. I am drawn to buy something to toast my travel.

I am drawn to spend money because it’s a well known fact all money becomes silly money once you enter an airport.

I am drawn to reward myself as my mind tries to cope with that un-settling feeling as the airliner takes off against gravity. And then stays up.

Anyway this pack offered, what looked like from the cover, 3 options on Red and I pounced.

The Vlogs and Blogs have long exalted the virtues of Mac Ruby Woo. I tried it on. It wears amazingly but is  D-rr-ying. So it is not for me. However I too want a dramatic red in my life, so I  have been looking.

And then I spied this pack.  There weren’t testers available for this special offer. Infact there were no testers available even for the YSL and Guerlain  travel packs that were also on offer but taking a risk on Loreal was heaps cheaper, so I did.


imageTurns out they are not actually different shades of Red.

A plum, a pink and red. ho hum.

Anyway I like how they wear  and can be fairly long lasting. Basically apply, blot, apply.

They are not drying neither do they feel tacky. Well pleased with my foray into the Red lipstick world. YSL next 🙂