A Mirror Revolution

While the debate rages on between intelligent design and evolution there are areas I would welcome this ‘intelligent design’ .

Intelligent being the operative word.  Intelligent design that extends into intelligent packaging.

Drop into an Apple store, a supermarket, a kitchen gadgets or sporting goods store and I am gobsmacked by the innovative packaging and then I look at what I own and use everyday ……..and it annoys me no end to see how lazy the packaging designers have been.

The most basic areas that have had no innovation.

After all these years lipsticks and lip-gloss packaging still doesn’t come with mirrors ? Why ?

Women mastering the art of re-applying their lipsticks without a mirrors- on buses, standing in queues, at restaurant tables is admirable, but un-necessary.

Moreover a skill I haven’t grasped even after 20 years of lip-staining. So there !

A slim rectangular mirror as part of packaging is all that is required.

Compacts come with mirrors, but that’s where it begins and ends. A circular mirror nestled within a circular frame and everything that can be squeezed into that circular pot.


Concealers, bronzers, blush. But take away that round, flip-top packaging and the mirror disappears.

Lippies must be next in line for a mirror innovation, its been too long already.

A chance find by a friend led me to that elusive brand BYS that have lip-glosses that come with a side mirror and, oh be still my beating heart, an automatic light.  Picture1

Science and technology move ahead everyday and yet we lag in making the perfect shaped mirror for the appropriate packaging.

As long as women use a product, and a large proportion of those women like to wear and touch up their makeup, mirrors must be an essential part of packaging.

Another no brainer is the mobile phone.

A good quality, scratch proof , smudge proof mirror that forms part of the back cover of the phone. Forget pretty pink and lilac packaging, I would even deem to buy a black (dull) phone if it came with a mirror.


I dont care for mirror stickers or the reverse camera. Both dont substitute for a mirror. What annoys me is that even the mobile phone covers for women like wrist-lets and pocket-book like covers dont come with a mirror.

Aren’t there any women designing these things ? Seriously.