Girl Crush


As a girl’s only convent school student I was bound to have girl crushes. Skirt hems skimming below the knees, no jewellery or nail polish and a cane across the shins if found with a boy, anywhere.

My best friend

In this situation your best friend becomes your first girl crush , especially when she is also your partner in crime and achievements.

Bunking school to go for movies, hitching your skirt up so it could look short, imitating Madonna’s ‘like a virgin’ dress sense, a team partner for  inter-school debates and drama  competitions , and further down the line, a double date partner.

Didn’t help that my best friend was a tomboy. Ofcourse that made the crush levels even more heightened, till, thankfully we both found real boy friends. With or without the boys, we were still the IT couple, I like to think, of our school. We broke rules, aced our scores and smoked in the bathroom.

I speak my mind and have a quick temper.  I have made and lost many friends and acquaintances along the way because of my ‘ I don’t give a s**t about your feelings, you are really pi**ing me off” but never her.But she never bore the brunt of it.

She is special. I admire and respect her. And when  I respect someone its impossible for me to treat them with disdain or hurt them.

Over the years the US-Hong Kong geographical gap and now the India-Hong Kong gap, separates us. But when we meet I can let my guard down. My walls are down because the trust is un-spoken and un-shaken.

My number one Girl Crush is my best friend.

I grew up. Had boy-friends and then got married to someone who is my BFF but the Girl Crush phenomena continues in my life.

Currently the number two Girl Crush is-

KAREENA KAPOOR- to quote your character from one of your films “you have no right to be this gorgeous”

I want to be you Kareena.

Wise Woman + Problem Solver + all in all just Fab

Oprah I just want to be your friend. No I want to be your friend and for you to solve all my problems and show me the way.

My fourth girl crush could get me into trouble for contravening copyrighted image rules and for stalking . She is considered a colleague and I am sure she will avoid me in the lift now. But damnit lets give adulation its fair due.


I have always liked her even when she was based out of London and then she moved here and I met her in person. Oh My shallow Lord. She is so beautiful. Beautiful and Smart. I just want to stare at you and be in awe of you.

Sisters don’t be ashamed of your girl crushes. Its fine. Doesn’t mean you are displaying Single White Female tendencies, its just means “you are Lovah, not a Fighta”

Hey how you doing ?


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