Moustachioed Lady


While my fabulous friend looks good in a ‘tash, all for MOVEMBER, this is not the look for us ladies.

The sisters of the Indian subcontinent and Middle East have always been stringent with facial hair removal- waxing, threading, even bleaching (to hide the hair). The razor has been our last, ever, resort. Ripping the hair off the roots being the preferred option.

It’s a relief that now everyone and their mothers are deplilating which means easy access to hair removal even outside our own countries.

20 years ago a completely different, hairy story ! How many ‘foreign’ returned aunts and cousins have we met who’s upper lips we have wanted to wax ?

However I do see god awful eye brows even today – the sad result of a terrible wax job. The terrible bulbous beginning to a thin end. ugh. inverted commas !

Indian and Nepalese beauticians are the experts at threading and this skill MUST spread !

For some reason the eye brow and the upper lip have always been the realm of threading. My Indian beautician would say waxing yanks the thin skin around the lips to give early lines. Thats why unless specified all Indian beauticians will thread your eyebrows and your upper lip.

Living in HK where waxing is not really a necessity amongst the (lucky) local population, even a quick thread job requires a plan. An appointment and making the effort of actually getting to the spa for it. LAZY.

How I yearn for the days when I could just run into the local beauty parlour in Bombay, almost in my nightie, for a quick eyebrow and lippie job. And that laziness was leading to almost  ‘fair-ground-attraction’ levels. Behold the Mustachioed Lady !


And then Oprah saved me. 

I read the reviews of the REM Spring on her website. Checked out some Vlogs from Indian and Latina women and was sold

Ordered it off Amazon. DO NOT BUY IMITATIONS PLEASE.


A beautifully crafted steel, well, spring. I love the weight and the smoothness of it.


Hold it with both hands in an inverted U shape and twirl the ends , as if you were twirling an imaginary moustache. And roll the spring over your upper lip while twirling. The twisting motion of the spring, catches the hair and yanks it off.

DO NOT USE IT FOR EYE BROWS !!! it will rip your eye lashes out. Only upper lip and facial hair.

Yes it hurts….a lot. Like threading does and will redden the skin. But its better than waxing or looking like a Major General from the Indian Army !


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