Coloured Eyes – Arcancil ?

I am a person who likes to mess about with whatever I can mess about with on my body. Hence my dabbling in makeup, piercings, tattoos and hair. Plastic surgery ? I say not…Yet…:)

I even messed around with the colour of my eyes. There was a time I was obsessed with coloured contact lens. After buying numerous coloured, zero power, lens I realised that the only colour that would show up against my very dark brown pupils was Hazel.  But again I didn’t look as striking as the HK Chinese girls did with them on.  My pupils rejected most/all shades.

And also putting them in and taking them out was a technique I couldn’t master atall ! So that nonsense soon ended.

But this need for colour and eye stayed somewhere in my subconscious.

After years of being happy with black khol I am back to wanting colour. But this time around the eyes.

I know its soo Teenage, blue and green liners, but I still want it.

And that’s when I found out not many (maybe 1 or 2 ?) brands make colour eye pencils and even fewer on the masacara front. Why ??  Where have all the fun people gone ?

Anyway after days and endless hours of browsing in  Sasa and Bonjour Cosmetics (Hong Kong) I finally discovered Arcancil. They made a line of waterproof, coloured, eye pencils AND mascaras.

I am brand conscious or rather, brand tentative, with cosmetics especially when we have all been duped with Zero pigmented eye shadows with incredible fall out, eye pencils that scratch your eyes out, disappearing lipstick shades or waterproof liners that are anything but.

At HK $75 each I decided to take the plunge. And no other brand had it anyway. So I bought 2 coloured waterproof eye pencils. Royal blue and Emerald Green.


Came home tried it….and decided I must blog about it. They apply like a dream. Imagine a feather dragged across your face, Now imagine that same feather depositing a bright trail of colour.


Colour that lasts and doesnt smudge. I must admit I do pack on powder with an angled brush to seal it because I wear concealer. And concealer makes everything smudge, atleast on my eyes.

So one down ,one more to go. Coloured mascara.

Chanel, my fav, only stocks De Volume in colour, in HK. And I dont like the wand or the clumpy deposit it makes ! So I went back to Arcancil splurged on two waterproof mascaras Purple and Blue. Not really splurged as I got 2 mascaras for the price of 1 Chanel.


Dont bother with their TV advert for the mascara. Its doesnt add volume and length magically but it does not clump and the colour is noticeable. Not ‘Nikki Minaj makeup’ noticeable, but its there. Perfect for daytime.

And I have black lashes.

I did spend a lot of time admiring myself in the mirror after I put it on.

For Night De Volume is still great as it give that thick OTT look that works for a night out.

I will update on how long this lasts in the bottle or as pencils ie in Drying Out.