Curried Potatoes (Aloo Bhaji)


There are as many ways to cook potatoes as there is to skin a cat. What a horrible analogy, I apologise.  In the ‘I do as I please’ cooking department there are two quick ways to make potatoes. For both you need

  1. just 1 spice powder. Turmeric
  2. curry leaves. a must
  3. Mustard OR Cumin seeds
  4. Green chilles OR dry red chillies
  5. Salt
  6. Onions- sliced lenghtwise and then halved.
  7. boiled potatoes
  8. Sugar is optional (see notes)


  1. chop potatoes in cubes
  2. Boil them. Consistency should be such that a few potaoes you should mash roughly, and some you leave whole
  3. Marinate them in a little bit of turmeric powder. So they are lightly coated. Set aside.
  4. Heat oil. this is where the slight variation happens

Option 1: burst mustard seeds ( with a spatter sheild!) add the GREEN chilles (chopped or sliced) and curry leaves


Option 2: burst the jeera, add the DRY red Chilli and curry leaves

Dont burn the seeds ! once they sputter,

5. add sliced onions.

6.Add the salt and turmeric ( again a light yellow colour) and brown the onions. They should be nicely brown

7. Then add the potatoes. Stir well so everything is well mixed. Cover ( to steam the whole mixture) and cook on low. Keep checking otherwise those potatoes can stick ..and burn.

Taste and remove from heat. Garnish with lots of chopped corriander leaves.


Curry Leaves : fresh are best. Buy a pot from a nursery and it thrives well in big pots in sunny spaces. Or Indian grocers will have them

Aesafotida: or Hing. a Staple in Indian cooking. It adds a great subtle flavour and works as a digestive. It  doesnt have a taste of its own so dont do a taste test. All you need is PINCH of Hing, never more otherwise it will make your potatoes bitter. It is added right in the begining. Ie Heat Oil add pinch of Hing….then the rest as per methodology

It works brilliantly with dishes like this that need very little spice and the taste of the vegetable carries it through. Buy from Indian grocers. I don’t have it in my method since I don’t have any, and keep forgetting to buy it !

Ginger powder: Fresh grated or ginger powder could be added in the Cumin variation but doesn’t need it. Experiment and see.

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