Blush:Cream or Stain ?

As far as blushes go I prefer cheek stains and creams to powders. They  last longer and with advancing years I prefer the non mattifying effect, unlike a powder. (Bobbi Brown Shimmer blush is lovely though – again HIGHLY pigmented. ) Anyway back to stains and creams. The trick is application and speed. Always do one cheek at a time. My absolute favourites right now are Benefit’s Cha Cha tint and the NYX cream blush. They are both beautifully pigmented and gives my NC40 skintone a nice natural flush (a sunkissed look) Picture1 This NYX Orange is HEAVILY pigmented and very emollient. I use Fan brush to apply this product. Lightly, repeat lightly, touch the surface of the brush  (see my Applying Highly Pigmented Blush post on how) to the cream. Then blend it on. You can use your fingers, but again LIGHT touch. Blend it on the pads of your fingers first and then apply. It applies to a dry powder finish, but not powdery.  So for a cream it will dry up, so blend quickly. On lips its a nice opaque coverage but pretty drying. So always wear a lip balm.

The Cha Cha tint is GORGEOUS. The best ever coral tint for my cheeks. A beautiful Mango-Orange tint.  It has a thicker consistency than the Benetint. But beware ! You need the speed of a Ninja to apply. The best way to apply this would be to smear it on the pad of your finger (flat smear, not dots or streaks) and then dab-spread it on your cheeks. Best to have a layer of moisturiser or foundation so it has slip. If you dont blend it fast enough you end up with orange blotches and smears on your face. Do NOT dab dots on or make ‘cat’s whiskers’ like with Benetint. You will end up with streaks on your cheeks ! On the lips it doesnt last so not worth the effort. I do LOVE Posietint. I have a mini.  Nice pink tone.


It has the same texture as Cha Cha Tint but not as mental to apply. Ie you can make cat whiskers and then blend it on. But be quick. I suspect the ‘spots and streaks’ might be noticeable on lighter, more porcelain skin tones. And ofcourse the classic Benetint. Benetint was my first EVER cheek stain and I remember I used to find it tedious to apply. Take brush out, make cat whiskers on cheek bone and then blend with fingers.

Creams and stains last and last and last. You can add highlighters on after, fade it out with a foundation or tinted moisturiser, add contours. Its doesn’t move. But remember they need technique. Master it.


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