Aham Brahmasmi


Explaining the meaning of this tattoo stumps me a bit. You will find me ‘hmming and ahhhh’  because I am not sure where to begin. Or rather, want to understand how much time You’ve got, to wait for me to finish explaining it.

I know why I wanted and finally got it. I ‘get’ the meaning, ‘feel it’ inside me and needed it to stablise myself.  Explaining it, is just  (pardon my french) a mind-f.. Because it has a  multitude of meanings.  It comes from the Upanishads.

Very simply, and at the cost of sounding like a megalomaniac, it means I am Divine ( have divinity inside me ) or I am the Universe.

And… because its all fun and games and abstractions in Hinduism,  it means a few more, things.

Aham easy enough – Me or I am


Brahmasmi – how much time have you got ?

I am a spirit soul, I am the highest truth, I am Totality, I am Infinite …and it goes on and on. The usual mind boggling meanderings and meaning within meanings of Hinduism.

(Brahma- God , God of Creation. Other words same root. Brahmand – universe, space, Brahman- Absolute……)

My tatt is bigger than me. When I got back from the Pacific Beach tattoo parlour, my sister looked it and said (VERY KINDLY) “you can always have it lasered, but I like it”

She has good taste so I was pleased. My poor husband initially looked a bit stricken at the propotion of the tatt compared to my arm, but then grew to like it.

aham brahmasmi – its huge on my arm and like my husband commented “…and very modest (meaning) too” .


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  1. As a physicist my interpretation of Aham Brahmasmi is that “I am part of the universe, and the universe is a part of me”.
    But what do I know; I just saw the word “ham” in Aham and felt hungry so call me a simple soul.

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