My Interest in Pintrest

I have MUCH interest in Pinterest. I Pin, I Like, I comment.  But I don’t do so willy-nilly.

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I don’t Pin something unless I want to buy/own it in my (fantasy) world.  I will however, Like something if it appeals to me, though I might not purchase it, or it speaks to my personal philiosphy.

My Fashion board is a virtual shop window and a reference guide to when I go shopping. It’s also an inspiration for evolving my personal style


My Home board is my dream home. Things I will put in my dream home. A Jamini Roy painting or minimalist shelves.


Pintrest is amazing ! Tanglefree headphones and Vegan banana breads. come on ! I tried them both.

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I was spending inordinate amounts of time online. If my husband had any doubts about my intentions, it evaporated when he ‘caught’ me exchanging enthusiastic emails with strangers about this- pure awesomeness !

f50e915b9aaf1a76dae96b32489c9fbc Under stair storage. Who wouldn’t want this ?

The one board that is still work in progress is my Tattoos board. This one is a personal one. Its not inspirational like the others, but rather a salute to the tattoos I have on my body . I might even extend it to house tattoos on friends. The tattoos I like.  Its just needs blog husband to take the pictures.

Pintrest is the virtual version of that fashion magazine that lie outside the dentist’s office. One you mindlessly flip the pages of, while you hear the screech of the drill coming from inside his office.

To me Pinterest is not a statement it is a visual post-it note.

I have forgotten the point of this post. Or maybe I wrote this to justify to a friend who very huffily told me “I have no interest in Pintrest”. Like it was a pointless activity.

I have obviously just proved why it is Not.

(Pinterest – hope the cheque is in the mail )

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