Duds and WTFs?

Longwear shimmer eye shadow and Gel liner in black
Longwear shimmer eye shadow and Gel liner in black

Let me start with the Duds.

The Bobbi Brown Metallic Long Wear Shadow in Pink Oyster.  And then let me count the ways it stinks.

  1. its clumpy and huge gobs of gold metal stick to your lids.
  2. Its impossible to apply, even with an average length of nails. Trying taking this out with your finger….its gets under your nails. I hate the packaging . A flat pancake packaging would have been much much better.
  3. Its streaky and doesn’t apply uniformly. Brush or finger.
  4. It runs down your face and soon you have gold flecks all over your face.
  5. It dried up within weeks

The Bobbi Brown gel liner is fab. Rave reviews, but it dries up. This drying up business has honestly put me off gel liners. And if I do get a kick I rather save the cash and buy the Maybelline Gel liner. Cheaper definitely

(gossmakeupartist recommends heating in the microwave or with a hairdryer. It works then. But nah I will stick to my liquid liners or Revlon’s Colour Stay black.)

But the worst has to be the Maybelline 24 hour SuperStay gloss (gloss?)


You are supposed to apply this on your lips, wait and then apply the chaptick that comes in the same pack.

Nope doesn’t work. Its hard to apply and Very Very drying.

This one is DEFINITELY not for those who have pigmented lips.The colour applies streaky, opaque in bits and see through in others. And then it accentuates all the lines on my lips.

I dont have dry lips and definitely not one of those people who need to apply and reapply a chapstick. But when I put this one on, my lips, FLAKE. Big flakes of skin start to come off.

The coral is TRUE coral which is why I still struggle through the flaking and the lines and streaky rubbish application.

I have tried wearing it over a lip balm or lip conditioner (Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner ) or over my Dior Kiss shimmer gloss. But nah. Same thing starts to happen and you can feel, actually feel, dry bits of skin coming off your lips. Not only am I not repurchasing but I might do what I never do with my makeup. Throw it away half used. (not got there just as yet)

And now for the WTFs?

The queen bee of WTFs.

IMGP2015 Thankfully a sample size ! I am not sure what it does and what its supposed to do.

It applies with a light golden sheen which I love, and then it soon disappears. I frankly am not in the mood to invest in a full size bottle, use it religiously to see if it evens out skintone (whatever that means)

This product has dud reviews across the net anyway.

IMGP2231 Second contender Ooh La Lift. Does nothing. Its an instant eye lift for tired eyes ? my a**. Its paying money for air. There are a few good reviews on makeupalley.com but I guess it probably works for those with more purplish under eye circles. Definitely not buying.