Bangles – I really love them


walk like an Egyptian …… I like them, but my glass beauties I adore !

10 rows of bangles hang from this double sided bangle stand. I started collecting in 1989.  Since then I have moved;  2 countries, and 8 times. Everytime my bangles travelled with me. Hand carried on a plane, wrapped in woolen shawls, newspapers and guess what – leg warmers. (how I came to possess leg warmers is another story and I can’t tell you because I have forgotten the hows and whens)

2013 I am sad to say I have lost around 11-12 of them.  Not to moving but to standing still. I honestly believe the glass got weaker, I dont know, they just fall off the wooden rails.


Driving along India’s roads if I saw any of these guys I could not resist it. I had to stop the car, jump out and buy a dozen.

Traditionally the bangle sellers will first put the bangles on for you. There is a technique in getting the glass bangles on. Squeezing the right bones and joints around your hands. The bangles should not just slide on. Otherwise they are too big.


While he puts them on for you, he tests out duds that have cracks in them and once you have worn it and tested it for size you buy them.

Most of my glass bangles I bought in New Delhi and Kidderpore (Calcutta). My Kidderpore bangles were the best.

In the eighties Bombay had moved on and become ‘modern’. And the bangle sellers turned into costume jewelry shops and sold mainly plastic or metal bangles. The glass bangle sellers were so hard to find. Few that did only sold the traditional Maharashtrian green glass bangles. Dull.

New Delhi was in the middle but Kidderpore rocked !

It is back of the beyond in Calcutta, even Calcuttans didn’t visit there. Half village half factory area. People were still traditional there and bangles thrived !

Sadly I rarely (read never) wear bangles anymore. I hardly wear my traditional Indian sarees or salwar kameez.

After years of sitting on the rack the last time I wore my glass bangles was when Kylie came to town and we went for her concert. Gay Men and Kylie. Perfect glass bangle venue.

Maybe I will wear some for Diwali this year.