How green is my world ?

Like most of us I try and be as green as I can without breaking my back or my bank balance. I don’t live in the convenient world of Trader Joes. I live in HK where anything that’s good for the planet costs an arm and a leg or sometimes, not available.

Since China requires animal testing I am guessing even Mac, Bobbi Brown and the like do animal testing to sell in China (?) and hence my cosmetics may not be cruelty free. And Noor and Zeb dont mind some blush and mascara from time to time.

What I do:

I use Body shop whereever I can with toiletries and things like cotton buds or room fragrance oils  etc ( I can not stand their makeup sorry)

I reuse my ziplock bags. Even when they lose their grip I use bulldog clips to close them. I throw them when they tear basically.

Drying my bags upside down or upside down on bottles – thats the best, they dry super quick

I only use BARs of soap (no plastic to recycle)

I use TUBE dispensers which means I can balance them upside down till the last drop is out and THEN…wait for it, I cut them so I can continue to use the product that’s still inside.

I roll my toothpaste tube up to get as much as I can out of it.

I use Earth Choice cleaning liquids

I buy Free Range Eggs and poultry (Aus and NZ because I trust them )

Sustainable fish – stamped as such.  (Aus, NZ or Canada)

Truth be told we are a couple, and mainly vegetarian so though the meat and eggs are expensive in HK, we can sustain that without breaking our bank balance.

I use containers with lids – so less clingfilm to use. Those without, I use a saucer to cover the bowls – just like our grannies did in the good old days.

I reuse ALL the plastic covers that bread comes in. They make really handy ‘containers’ to carry fruit, wrap something etc.

I don’t use makeup remover pads or towelettes. I use the Body Shop facial sponge or face cloth with my body shop makeup remover.

I am so obsessed with saving water that even running taps in Movies and TV shows bother me.  I unsubscribed to a beauty Vlogger as she kept her tap running as she did a brush cleaning video ! really ?? dont you know ? Save the Planet 101. So Lather your dishes FIRST and then rinse them out. Same with the shower and brushing your teeth.

Recycling is still not as aggressive, or convenient in HK as it is elsewhere so we need to do what we can. We are still a country in education. But people are aware and the government is taking measures and we will get there ,but in the meantime….