Applying Highly Pigmented Cream blushes

My NYX Orange is insanely pigmented.

Just one light dab. excuse the blurry pic difficult to click with one hand


And then trying to blend it, so it looks like a natural flush and not clown cheeks ,is time consuming and frankly boring.

I tried applying it with my MAC 130 duo fibre but no luck. A dry makeup sponge works quite well but I always feel all the dabbing is removing the foundation/bb cream beneath it.

And then…the path opened up to me. Thank you FAN BRUSH !



hold the brush vertically. So that only the centre bristles of the fan picks up product.  IMGP2177IMGP2178

Then use the centre to deposit the colour and the rest of the bristles just blend the product. This Sonia Kashuk Fan brush is so gentle and soft that it blends without disturbing your foundation or bb cream.

Also with your finger you always pick up more than required, waaay more than required. Atleast 2 faces worth 🙂

I am loving this technique and not scared of the blush anymore