The Twats

We have so many names for them I lose count. I call them the Twats, Perfect Husband calls them The Felons.

or the Big Fat Stinking Cat

or the R-tard

or the Beasts of Our Burden

either ways they are frikking cute ! Annoyingly Cute. Both rescue cats, both HK tabbies.

The older one, Noor- named after the Mughal Queen Noorjehan,. She has the personality of  Cartman from South Park. Spoilt, Rude and Arrogant. She quacks instead of mewing, loves music , mainly Western Classical and likes her belly tickled as soon as we enter the door.

But cuddles are all within limits. Her limt. Her time limit – before you get nipped

And this is the baby- Zeb. Named after the mighty Aurangzeb, another Mughal king. Alas nothing mighty about this whiny runt of the litter.

My constant baby talking to him has arrested his development. He hasn’t grown as big as Noor and still behaves like a kitten. He loves cuddling. To annoying levels.


” you will cuddle me, I will demand you cuddle me” levels. “I will leap onto your lap while you are eating, to get cuddles”

Ugh takes the joy out of cuddling.

All you want to do is fling him off.

 A Jack Russel would be a nice third addition I think to our little family.