Tale of the Two Cleanses


I have never done a cleanse in my life. Its too hard. I must admit I have never displayed any discipline in my food or food restriction.

My liver is weak, certified medically yet I take no precautions. I have low protein in my blood, do nothing about it. I have a gluten allergy but I am a “eat now, repent later”

I am organised and disciplined in most aspects of my life, except food. I love eating. Its my hobby.

Anyway a Juice cleanse was something everyone was doing and I had to do it. Just for kicks.

It was drinking only juices for 2 days, heck why not ? That too they are made and delivered to you. All you do is open the bottle and drink.

I started with Genie Concepts. Did their cleanse 3 times.

The 3rd time I did the cleanse I failed miserably…I ate chicken soup and rice. And almonds. It was a disaster. So decided not to waste my money.

After almost 9 months I decided I should give this another go. Just because my insides are so full of not-so-happy things. This time I went with Punch Detox.

As the end consumer the juices are really much of muchness. There is a standard juice formula, I have seen similar offers on US juice cleanse websites. Maybe slight variations.

The Punch Detox taste better to me, but the clincher is their GAZPuncho. The 5th juice of the day. The “dinner” juice. (Its has Olive Oil in it though)

I am a warm water/beverage drinker so cold juices are hard for me to work with. But this GAZPuncho you can warm (low temperature) and it tastes just like tomato soup. HEAVEN.

Heaven-Ly. Warm soup with chewy bits in it too ! Perfect for dinner time.


The last juice of the day is the bed time one. Genie and Punch  have this delicious Nutmilk juice. Its a dairy free milkshake.

IMGP2163For Genie this was my only comfort to look forward too, but with Punch I have 2. GazPuncho and the Nut Punch.

Truth be told I also went with Punch because they have a cheat sheet, so you dont beat yourself if you succumb to “chewing”.

I will eat a couple of layers of raw nori, munch of steamed Brussels sprouts or few baby carrots when I feel like snacking. Also it keeps my stomach from rumbling especially when I am in meetings.

I am on Day 3, the last day of my cleanse. So far so good.

Oh yes I also had few cups of Green tea – its magical it REALLY curbs hunger, a cup of Teechino in Vanilla Chilli and a cup of Sleepytime tea.

I hope this 3 day cleanse will make me more watchful and aware of what I consume hereafter.

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  1. follow up! follow up! what happened? how did you feel after the cleanse? have you given the master cleanse a shot?

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