Placebo Effect of Makeup

Everyone will tell you makeup makes you feel better. When depressed put on a pair of high heels and lipstick

Everyone knows the story behind Banksy’s famous graffiti. When a truckload of lipsticks arrived at a concentration camp and the women put it on almost immediately.

Basically its not the point that makeup makes us feel better. I think makeup can sometimes make us believe its DOING what it says it will do.

Example ? Benefits THAT GAL. I got it as a gift . A mini .

Its supposed to brighten a dull complexion. It also acts as a primer

I am going to give you a quick run down of my reaction from Dec 2012 – August 2013

Dec 2012

“what is a primer ?”

“its pink and makes my face look grey”



Feb 2013

“what is a primer ? do I need it ? no idea”

“nah still pink, still grey cast”

“where is the brightening ?”

“definitely not buying this ever”

Feb 2013 – June 2013 it sat in my vanity bag. I would look at it from time to time thinking what am I going to do ? I did not have the heart to throw it away.

Then one fine morning in July I woke up, had to run to the store even before my shower. So I brushed my teeth, washed my face, wore a clean pair of undies, wore my Clinique (oh how I love you !) under eye cream….it lightly tinted and I think makes me look a wee bit less tired.

…and then I looked at my face. I looked a bit whatever, dull.

so I put on some That Gal, just for a lark. Guess what ? I thought I looked a bit “brighter”. hmmmm

Thought to myself “maybe it does do what it says it does”.

Aug 3rd, I am off to my friend’s house for a sleep over with just girls, wine and dvds.

So I am not bothering with makeup. just serum, my Clinique eye cream….and then looked at myself again. Thought “I cant be bothered with makeup…but I do look a bit dull”.

So I reached over to my That Gal again……and lo and behold I looked bright. I even brought it down to my neck to “match” this brightness.

I think this is the Placebo effect. A product that has received terrible reviews, did nothing for me even when I so desperately wanted it to work….and 9 months later…all of a sudden it works ?

No I dont think so.


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