Make your own Chai

I am not big on making something from scratch if perfectly good (and healthy) options are available for a price. The price is worth the time, the prep and effort honestly.

But CHAI, always disappoints me. Unless its made at home or by a chaiwallah. Coffee chains sell an instant mix of some sweet, weak rubbish.

Sadly even coffee/tea chains in India sell the same weak rubbish, blasphemy ! But the best option is just outside along the roadside.

India Masala Chai Mixing Tea

Since I dont have my own personal chaiwallah, I make my own. Super easy.

Firstly  I take any black tea,  Liptons Yellow Tea bag or nicer ones like the  Waitrose Gold or PG tips or even Marks and Spencers black.

Measure for 1 cup of tea:

I roughly smash half n inch of ginger. Also very roughly bash 1 and half inch of a cinnamon stick, few cloves and a few cardamon pods and put them in half cup of water and bring it to a boil ( some people add aniseed, I dont)

Have a simmmer on so you know all the flavours from the seeds and ginger have mixed nicely with the water. Bring the heat down and add half cup of milk and sugar (sugar is to taste).

Indian light yellow jaggery, instead of sugar adds an amazing flavour.

Bring the milk to a rolling boil. Watch it ! it shouldnt bubble over your pan and make a mess.

Once again, once the flavours are married add the tea bag in this mixture and let it simmer. The colour should become a rich light brown, a cafe latte colour ( or if you are a MAC foundation girl then its a NC42 kind of colour :))

I usually dunk in two tea bags for one cup of tea.

Once you get the colour, turn off heat and pour into cup.