Glossy lips. Its the bane of our existence. Who doesnt want a glossy, wet pout ? And then starts the eternal quest for the perfect non sticky gloss.

Nobody wants this. 

It’s uncomfortable and messy. I have had my hair get stuck to my lips, then leave trails of sticky gloss across the side of my face. Try having a biscuit as the crumbs get stuck on your lips. Sometimes, I have even had dust, grit off the street, get stuck on my lips.

 Ofcourse, blot ! But then you blot and you lose the effect of that glorious wet pout.

The blogs are full of such miraculous products, high gloss without the sticky. My favourite, repeat purchase would be the Christian Dior ones.Beautiful gloss without the sticky !

 Afterall my purchases over the years, drugstore to Clinique to Bobbi Brown I have to say Dior is the winner.

  I personally prefer a  tube application because a wand demands a mirror, atleast for me. I am more adept with a tube. But every tube I have purchased is a bit goopy so I have this irrational fear of tubes ! Even Dior.

 I have this old Dior Kiss shimmer gloss

It has small flecks of glitter, it feels light weight on the lips but so damned sticky !  And severely goopy if  applied a bit heavy handed.

But now for part 2. Most important. Staying power.

 I really hate this ! Big sticky stains with every sip . You know your lips are losing the colour and the shine. Every morning I get to see this on my coffee lid. Annoying !

I haven’t found a long lasting yet glossy one as yet. I bought Maybelline’s 24 hr.gloss.

 RUBBISH.  Either I have awfully dry lips (which I do not) or this thing has a moisture-sucking-up chemical. My lips look dry, it flakes. The colour applies patchy

Check out the flaky skin around the inner lip area. If you apply the white gloss that comes with it,the flakes clump into even bigger clumps and the colour leaves your lips to only cloud around the flakes. Its…not pretty !

I also bought these 10 hr stain gloss from Maybelline. Nice texture, almost a liquidy-gel like texture. It sits on your lips like a velvet stain and not drying. Nice staying power too.

The applicator is a pain though. Its a bit too big for the dips and valleys of your lips. So I just apply it and then smooth it over with my Boobi Brown lip brush.

 Without a brush you always get leaky edges. See left side of my mouth.

 After a while the glossiness disappears but the velvety stain stays on.