Brush Guard- a good buy !

I have an addiction, other than my wheat addiction, it’s my addiction to beauty Vlogs (youtube) .

I spend precious time hooked onto to Vlogs when instead I should be finishing up Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg or Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.

While Perfect Husband (PH) might think my brain is turning to rot, I think, time has been spent wisely by me picking up tips that end up me NOT spending money on dud products – though the money spent on even MORE beauty products I dont need far outweighs the savings made.

 Anyway one such evening when I was drinking up WayneGoss on youtube he mentioned Brush Guards. Hallelujah.

 I didnt think twice about it. Ordered it off Amazon and my oh my, am I thankful everyday that I have them.

drying brushes upside down to drain the water out

For me their biggest service is in how they help me dry my brushes. Upside down.  Or even if you lay them at an angle, so the ferrule is sloping down (to let the water out) the tubes dont allow the brush hairs to splay. Thats number their number one use.

You can also store your bushes in them to retain their shape also I think its more hygenic. I am not sure exactly HOW hygenic they are since the rubber tubing is latticed (has holes) so it would let dust in anyway, but I guess it prevents them rubbing up against other things.

I had also ordered the Real Technique Core collection from Amazon and I use the brush case that it came with as a brush drying rack.

Real Techniques Brush Carrier upside down

The brush carrier is pretty stiff and HAS been designed to be a brush stand – so it works nicely as an upside down drying rack.

 Thats its fro me. Bye