Perfect Husband Does it again !

Let me start with my biggest pet peeve with Mobile phones ( and Mobile phone covers

)Who designs them ? If there are women out there designing these things I would really like a stern word with them. A REALLY stern word.

Why hasn’t anyone made a Mobile phone that doubles up as a mirror ? not a shiny surface sticker, not a reverse camera…a mirror ! I have used these shiny stickers and reverse cameras…nah. They dont show the intensity of my smudged eye liner nor do they show how “dark” my cream blush is.

I am so fed up with you Mobile Phone. Even Steve Jobs didn’t think if this.

Thats One.

Two. Mobile phones covers without wrist straps. I have butter fingers and phones fly out of my hand and I need a phone attached to my arm.

Finally the Micheal Kors one shows up in HK. For an iPhone. Its really old so excuse the manky look !


I stuff my Android ( yes I am COOL like that. I am an Android person!) into that case

But coming back to my original peeve the mirror bit.

I need to check the status of my (smudging) eye makeup from time to time. ( why dont people EVER point it out to you ? I have come home looking like a racoon, thinking how long did people endure this ? Were they uncomfortable or just sniggering inside at my racoon eyes ?)

I dont want to have to open my handbag, to take out my mirror, to check my face. I want something attached to my phone and/or the phone case. A quick, subtle, check.

After years of suffering. I had a brainwave.  Why dont we pry the mirror off these Chinese Lipstick cases and stuff that into the card holder space of the Micheal Kors Mobile phone case !!! OMG I AM A GENIUS

Lip stick case with mirror
carefully scraping the glue off from back of the mirror

Thats when Perfect Husband cames into focus. He spent almost an hour, with precision instruments, yes precision pliers and scalpel, prying the mirror out of the case, so as to not to damage the case and then clean the glue and fabric off the back of the mirror.

So I ended up with a neat narrow mirror that fits perfectly into my MK mobile phone.

taddaaa !

Its an old case, excuse the mankiness
Its an old case, excuse the mankiness

Surreptitious makeup checking, here I come !