To My Sister


You were born an adult. Serious and self possessed. Organised and meticulous. We treated you like a baby, which I think was the wrong thing to do. Indiviuals such as yourself are never babies and to treat them such could be perceived as insulting by the “baby”. Or worse chip away at some key character traits. Did it ?

You grew up to become the Beauty AND the Brains of the family. But without the false pride of either.

Instead you thought I was the better, smarter, prettier one.

Your acheivements were our pride and joy.

Your generous spirit and love extends beyond the family to everyone. It’s clear in the way you treat people and your friends, a testament to the fact that your friendships all endure the test of time.

You have the capacity to self heal which is a magical quality of the Self.

You are now a mother and a wife and I wonder if you sometimes think where did the Scientist go ? where did the theatre actress go ? where did the Phd Dr go ? where did the ballerina go ?

They didn’t go. They helped you grow and they are now waiting for the path to open up.

My thoughts below on what the path could be-
I have listened to you speak. It can be any subject, and your ability to grasp and explain it are absolutely amazing. Be it genetics and fruit flies, be it receipes, be it Monsantos evil ways and why GM is so bad for us or be it a Ballet technique.

Given the qualities you are born with, given that care and nurture are a part of your psyche now being a other and given your natural ability to grasp and explain, this path calls out to you. Teaching.

You should be a teacher. It will be to the benefit of people to experience their learning journey through you.

Good Luck Sis !